iVy (poison1229) wrote,

silly me...

Hi all, long time no update. Something silly happpened to me yesterday. I was preparing to go for my frined's wedding dinner then realise i was kind of early. So, i decided to repair one of my earring, which the pearl dropped off. So, i took the super glue and opened the cap. SHOOT! It went straight into my right eye! It was so painful and i couldn't open my eye! Went to flush it with water and realise the glue had hardened between the upper and lower eye lids! PANIC! I ran downstairs to the clinic and the doctor refered me the hospital. Now i'm fine, and my eyes look normal... Funny, isn't it? Such thing can happen to me. Hahaha... Told my team girl, Lorraine, about it and she said i can have my own Guiness World Record Book... =)

How was Christmas for everybody? Hope all is fun and warm. =) Going to meet my gang later for dinner at Mache...

Cheerio! =)
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