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Todays' the release for PSLE results. My cousin was so worried about her results... And she made it! I thank God for that. Tomorrow going to bring them to the Escape Theme Park, as promised. Hopefully it doesn't rain... =)

Just came back from Chomp Chomp for dinner with my mom and dad. Had stingray, sotong, kang kong and lala... So shiok ah! Haha...

A friend just sms me, telling me to avoid Holland Village for the time being. Heard there was a bomb threat and the squad are still there to neutralise the...... erm, whatever lah. (don't know what you call that...)

Ohh, went to watch The Phone with WQ last night. It was soooo scarryyyyyy....... Must watch! Esp tyventus. Hehee. The little girl in the show was so fantastic! She ought to be awarded a Grammy man... I was so silly, asked my mom to wait for me at the bus stop and accompany me to sleep. Hahaa... Silly hor... No choice, xiao dan... Small heart, small heart... =P

Going to check my mails now. Will be back... =)
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