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Boring day for me. On standby but no call up.
How's the day for everybody? Good, i hope. =)

Was watching telly just now, saw Zoe Tay, she still looks good. Wish i'm like her when i'm at my 40s... hehhee.

Heard the news about Singaporean having the lowest sexual interest rate internationally. First in place is the Africans! With 99%! Oh, my god... And follow by the Americans, with 89%. And Singaporeans, think its 38%... Buck up, buck up... hahaaaa...

The craze for Bread Talk doesn't seems to settle down. And now they are promoting the All Day, Everyday, $1... Sounds good, isn't it?

Thinking of catching the play by Jamie Yeo and Hosen Leong. Think the name is Comedy Potential, right? Have anyone watch it? Think it's good? Hmm...

So boring... Going to watch telly again. Ciaoz...
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