iVy (poison1229) wrote,

First of all, WQ, congrats for getting thru SQ!!! You made it! All of us are so happy for you. Hopefully one of these days, i can fly with you and Siew Ling... That will be really fun!!! Haha...

This may be one of your confused moments... But do whatever your heart tells you to. No harm trying the job for a year or two. Get your experience and carry on your studies later, never too late. That's what i think... =) Whatever your choice is, you will have my support, alright? =)

WEnt for Marriot's lunch buffet today, and didn't manage to stuff in my dinner. Haha... Worth the okane des ne?

'Put the needle on it, I tell you where i want it, ahhh...' The jhorny song by Kylie's sister, Dianni. Heard she's very jealous of her own sis, for making so big. Well, tong ren bu tong ming... Wakanemesta?

Oyasumi to all!!!
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