iVy (poison1229) wrote,

Raining day...

It has been raining the whole day. Like so gloomy. Had dinner at home tonight, feel so great, cause it's been a long time last since i had dinner at home... Thought my mom cooking, but she's too lazy, as usual, haha... So we had ta bao... WEnt to Centro with Weiqiang and Pam last night, it was pretty fun. Pam was pretty bored with the party, and after that we went to eat ba cho mee... But, close shop already. Shared a plate of carrot cake with Weiqiang. Talking about food, feeling about hungry again. Haha... Was reading a novel on my way back just now, it's about a man, having almost everything, a beautiful wife, a great kid, a successful career. And overnight, all these were gone, just because he had an affair. Does this really happen in life? Does a happy family break up just for a one night stand? Could the wife just forgive the husband? For the sake of the son... It's not easy to find the one you can want to spend your whole life with, right? It's a very interesting novel, can't wait to finish it and know the ending. =)
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