I wake up in the morning
put on my face
The one that's gonna get me
through another day
Doesn't really matter
How i feel inside
This life is like a game sometimes

Then you came around me
the walls just disappeared
Nothing to surround me
Keep me from my fears
I'm unprotected
See how i've opened up
You've made me trust

I've never felt like this before
i'm naked around you
Does it show
You see right through me
And i can't hide
i'm naked around you
And it feels so right

Trying to remember
Why i was afraid
to be myself
And let the covers fall away
Guess I never had
someone like you
To help me fit
in my skin

silly me...

Hi all, long time no update. Something silly happpened to me yesterday. I was preparing to go for my frined's wedding dinner then realise i was kind of early. So, i decided to repair one of my earring, which the pearl dropped off. So, i took the super glue and opened the cap. SHOOT! It went straight into my right eye! It was so painful and i couldn't open my eye! Went to flush it with water and realise the glue had hardened between the upper and lower eye lids! PANIC! I ran downstairs to the clinic and the doctor refered me the hospital. Now i'm fine, and my eyes look normal... Funny, isn't it? Such thing can happen to me. Hahaha... Told my team girl, Lorraine, about it and she said i can have my own Guiness World Record Book... =)

How was Christmas for everybody? Hope all is fun and warm. =) Going to meet my gang later for dinner at Mache...

Cheerio! =)

bon Voyage

Oh, before i forget, Weiqiang darling, have a fantastic trip in Bangkok. Will be missing you... Take care. =)
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Todays' the release for PSLE results. My cousin was so worried about her results... And she made it! I thank God for that. Tomorrow going to bring them to the Escape Theme Park, as promised. Hopefully it doesn't rain... =)

Just came back from Chomp Chomp for dinner with my mom and dad. Had stingray, sotong, kang kong and lala... So shiok ah! Haha...

A friend just sms me, telling me to avoid Holland Village for the time being. Heard there was a bomb threat and the squad are still there to neutralise the...... erm, whatever lah. (don't know what you call that...)

Ohh, went to watch The Phone with WQ last night. It was soooo scarryyyyyy....... Must watch! Esp tyventus. Hehee. The little girl in the show was so fantastic! She ought to be awarded a Grammy man... I was so silly, asked my mom to wait for me at the bus stop and accompany me to sleep. Hahaa... Silly hor... No choice, xiao dan... Small heart, small heart... =P

Going to check my mails now. Will be back... =)
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Boring day for me. On standby but no call up.
How's the day for everybody? Good, i hope. =)

Was watching telly just now, saw Zoe Tay, she still looks good. Wish i'm like her when i'm at my 40s... hehhee.

Heard the news about Singaporean having the lowest sexual interest rate internationally. First in place is the Africans! With 99%! Oh, my god... And follow by the Americans, with 89%. And Singaporeans, think its 38%... Buck up, buck up... hahaaaa...

The craze for Bread Talk doesn't seems to settle down. And now they are promoting the All Day, Everyday, $1... Sounds good, isn't it?

Thinking of catching the play by Jamie Yeo and Hosen Leong. Think the name is Comedy Potential, right? Have anyone watch it? Think it's good? Hmm...

So boring... Going to watch telly again. Ciaoz...
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First of all, WQ, congrats for getting thru SQ!!! You made it! All of us are so happy for you. Hopefully one of these days, i can fly with you and Siew Ling... That will be really fun!!! Haha...

This may be one of your confused moments... But do whatever your heart tells you to. No harm trying the job for a year or two. Get your experience and carry on your studies later, never too late. That's what i think... =) Whatever your choice is, you will have my support, alright? =)

WEnt for Marriot's lunch buffet today, and didn't manage to stuff in my dinner. Haha... Worth the okane des ne?

'Put the needle on it, I tell you where i want it, ahhh...' The jhorny song by Kylie's sister, Dianni. Heard she's very jealous of her own sis, for making so big. Well, tong ren bu tong ming... Wakanemesta?

Oyasumi to all!!!

Raining day...

It has been raining the whole day. Like so gloomy. Had dinner at home tonight, feel so great, cause it's been a long time last since i had dinner at home... Thought my mom cooking, but she's too lazy, as usual, haha... So we had ta bao... WEnt to Centro with Weiqiang and Pam last night, it was pretty fun. Pam was pretty bored with the party, and after that we went to eat ba cho mee... But, close shop already. Shared a plate of carrot cake with Weiqiang. Talking about food, feeling about hungry again. Haha... Was reading a novel on my way back just now, it's about a man, having almost everything, a beautiful wife, a great kid, a successful career. And overnight, all these were gone, just because he had an affair. Does this really happen in life? Does a happy family break up just for a one night stand? Could the wife just forgive the husband? For the sake of the son... It's not easy to find the one you can want to spend your whole life with, right? It's a very interesting novel, can't wait to finish it and know the ending. =)

i'm leaving on a jet plane...

Just finished packing my cargo. Will be away for the next 9 days... So sian, i hate long flights like this... Miss home, miss my darling, miss my friends and miss all the suppers... Feel like eating the nasi lemak at serangoon... Went for facial today, looked like swollen bao... Then with the swollen face go meet Weiqiang and Sarin at Siglap..OH, will be in Amsterdam and New York, anybody wants anything just leave me a sms before i leave for NYC, cause no network... Will try my best! Going to sleep soon. Good night to all! =)

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Ate a lot today, actually as any other day.... Otah, mushroom steak, biscotti and french fries! And not forgetting ice green tea(s)... =) Sometimes it feels so good to be in town, with friends and family around... Although travelling is wonderful too. An old friend suddenly called just now, and started chatting. Sometimes you hit a uncomfortable topic but too pai say to stop the conversation... Is this right? Or should i have break the topic there and then? I also don't know... Now feel like eating maggie mee... Siao ah! weiqiang will say... Right? hehe. Going to try to sleep, have to wake up early tomorrow. Oyasumi nasai... =)


it's my first time using live journal. hope i will interesting topics to share with my friends... =) Came back from Dhaka turn this morning, suddenly like become Indian Stewardess liao... Just did New Delhi, now call up for Dhaka... Sainz... Oh, must thank Suzy on creating this account for me. Arigato! And thanks for chosing a nice pic that doesn't show my fat, round face... =) Going to meet him at Simpang for mushroom steak soon, come back later... Please feel free to send me any comments ok? Yoroshiku...